Karo is able to fund these projects entirely through donor partners.

KARO provides financial and emotional support to low-income patients suffering from cancer and other life threatening diseases. KARO’s aim is to provide the poorest of poor with a dignified chance at fighting any disease.

Since 2014, we have assisted more than 500 patients and their families. Our support, based on need, includes accommodation, nutritious food, counseling, rehabilitation and monetary support.

As a departure from the prevalent practice of only funding those with a high survival prognosis, we believe in supporting everyone, including those with a low chance of survival.


  • Supported treatments of more than 500 patients. Treatments included surgery, medication, chemotherapy, radiation and rehabilitation.
  • Received patient referrals from more than 30 hospitals comprising of Government, Private and Super Specialty hospitals.
  • We have active partnerships with specialized NGOs for provision of accommodation, nutritious food, counseling and rehabilitation.
  • We do special fund-raising for patients requiring expensive procedures.
  • We work with hospitals to subsidize treatment costs for poor patients.

Ewing’s Sarcoma Project

Ewing’s Sarcoma is the second most common primary bone malignancy affecting children and adolescents.

Treatment of Ewing’s sarcoma is resource heavy. It requires multiple procedures that may include radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and prosthetics – these together take at least 9 months to a year.

Adjusting to post-treatment disabilities takes additional time and may also require physiotherapy, training and counseling.

At KARO, we have a special corpus for Ewing’s Sarcoma patients. Apart from patient assistance, this fund also intends to support researchers and doctors specializing in the disease.

Bone Marrow Transplant Project

Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) is a prohibitively expensive treatment used for treating leukemias, lymphomas and myelomas. It requires rupees 10-15 lakhs on average and additional resources to fight infections and other complications. Very few organizations are able to support BMT patients.

We have instituted a special corpus for patients that require BMT. This corpus is supplemented by other organization such as HT Parekh Foundation and Cipla Foundation. We are also engaging with BMT experts at Tata Hospital, Mumbai to raise further resources for patients and research.

Nutritious Food for Patients

Nutritious and hygienic food is central to health and recovery. We support hospitals in providing nutritious food packages that can be easily consumed by patients. We support Happy Feet Home Foundation (a hospice for children) to provide nutritious food to their in-house patients (and their siblings).

Happy Feet Home Foundation provides free of cost emotional, psychosocial and spiritual support to children with life threatening and life limiting illnesses. The joint intervention by KARO and Happy Feet Home Foundation reaches out to more than 500 children every month.

Accommodation for Out-of Town Patients

Out-of-town patients are often forced to live on the streets or in unsafe and unhygienic environments. We work with Access Life Assistance Foundation to provide a loving and temporary home for children undergoing treatment.

Each home has support services, educational resources and recreational programs for children. We support their accommodation in Thane that houses 11 patients and their families.

525 Patients with life threatening diseases supported
27Ewing Sarcoma patients supported
46Patients requiring Bone Marrow Transplant supported
3,90,92,501 utilized for treatment of patients


Karo is able to fund these projects entirely through donor partners.

Capacity building Hospitals

In order to improve the efficiency of hospitals, KARO has donated clinical equipment, has provided resources for renovation and has assisted in the employment of requisite staff. KARO has also supported KEM hospital in setting-up a new multi-exercise gymnasium at the MBBS students hostel.

Fun With Karo

KARO believes that entertainment can heal and is an integral part of holistic treatment. Games and activities can beat boredom and make patients happy; reducing their need for painkillers, or the likelihood of falling in depression. It can speed recovery thereby enabling shorter hospital stays.

We routinely organize Fun with KARO – a program that includes art and craft, puppet shows, magicians, jugglers, musicians and dancers. We organize these events at hospitals as well as at accommodation centers. More than 800 people – patients and family members have attended these events.

Some of our activities

  • KARO works with more than 30 hospitals and NGOs to provide quality health services to low income patients and family members.
  • Till today, we have supported more than 500 patients in their treatment / surgery / medication etc.
  • Donated clinical equipment to the Hematology ward at KEM Hospital and the Cardiac Ward at Sion Hospital
  • Raising funds for the patients who require extensive funding
26Associate hospitals
10Entertainment / recreational programs organized
800Patients and family members benefitting from “Fun with KARO”


Karo is able to fund these projects entirely through donor partners.

Health check-up camps

KARO in association with Akanksha Foundation has been organizing health check-up camps in schools across Mumbai. Dental and eye health is often neglected, especially among the poor. We facilitate preventive screenings to ensure that children’s problems are promptly identified and treated.

KARO organized an eye-camp and screened more than 250 students of the D.N. Nagar MPS School in Mumbai. The KBHB Eye and ENT Hospital conducted the screening. Almost 10 per cent of the students screened required spectacles, which were provided them free of cost. Students who required further treatment were directly referred to the hospital.

KARO organised a dental check-up camp at Shindewadi MPS School, Dadar where 250 students were checked for their primary dental problems. Out of 250 students screened, 156 students were taken for further treatment at Diento Oral Health Care clinic.

Student Nutrition Program

KARO has been supporting nutrition projects administered by the Akanksha Foundation.

Weight and height measuring scales were supplied to 9 schools in Mumbai; these scales have helped the schools in monitoring physical growth of their students.

We intend to support the further expansion of nutrition initiatives in Mumbai schools through our partnership with Akanksha Foundation.


  • Conducted an eye camp in DN Nagar MPS school, Andheri
  • Conducted a dental camp for the students of the Shindewadi MPS school, Dadar
  • Dr. Sahil Chedda from Diento Oral Health care personally checked 156 students for their dental problems.
9Associate schools
720Students benefited by school health camps
815students benefited by Student Nutrition Program


Karo is able to fund these projects entirely through donor partners.

Project Arogyasampann

KARO is committed to preventive and promotive healthcare. To further this goal, KARO has seeded Project Arogyasampann in association with Niramaya Health Foundation.

The project works with over 40 thousand inhabitants of the Jijamatanagar community in Worli to address the issues of malnutrition, adolescence sexual health, primary health, hygiene and sanitation through interventions and cleanliness drives.

Arogyasampann conducts various awareness programmes on the harmful effects of tobacco usage resulting in cancer. Primary health checkup camps are conducted once a month for the residents of the community.

Distribution of Weighing scales to Anganwadis

Child Malnutrition is endemic to poor communities and is a precursor to poor health in adult life. KARO has been supporting the Integrated Child Development Scheme (a government scheme) in the Jijamata slum community in Worli to ensure better nutrition. We have given weighing scales and height meters to 13 aanganwadis that cater to more than 400 children. This has enabled better record keeping and early interventions among undernourished and malnourished children.


  • Organized Pre – Diwali entertainment program in association with Dignity Foundation for the group of Senior Citizen at Worli
  • Supplied 13 weighing scales to 13 Anganwadi’s in Jijamatanagar under Integrated Child Development Scheme, Prabhadevi Project
  • Supported KEM hospital’s Gymkhana to set up a new Gym at one of the MBBS students hostel in Curry road. KARO installed multi exercise gym equipment.
  • Donated games or playing materials to the Gaming zone in KEM Hospital’s Hematology Day care ward
4000 Families benefited by Arogyasampann project
900children supported through nutrition programs
12Community health care camps organized at Jijamatanagar
1450patients benefited by community health camps