“A beacon of hope, an
unwavering initiative to do,
and a positive spirit, that’s
all it takes to fight against
all odds.”

Managing Trustee, Karo

KARO was founded in 2014 by Karan Malhotra who was undergoing treatment for an aggressive form of Cancer, Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Our Story

Karo was founded in 2014 in memory of Karan Malhotra. Karan was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, an agressive form of bone and soft tissue cancer. While he was undergoing treatment, Karan became particularly sensitised to the realities of this disease and the mental and physical trauma that comes with it. He wondered how patients from less fortunate backgrounds churned out the many resources required for such treatments. His own journey forged in him a desire to provide quality and holistic healthcare to the less fortunate, especially children, teenagers and young adults.

Since its establishment, KARO has supported 2900 patients, and counting. We are now associated with over 90 hospitals in India and have grown to become an assured source of funding and support for young patients of cancer.


KARO shines strong, sparkling with hope thanks to its core foundation of leaders. They are the pillars that provide strength,
support and inspiration to everyone associated with KARO. They are the thinkers, doers and the ones who empower.


Uma Malhotra - Trustee - Karo
Uma Malhotra
Ranjit Malhotra - Trustee - Karo
Ranjit Malhotra
Kabir Malhotra - Trustee - Karo
Kabir Malhotra
Anjali Malhotra - Trustee - Karo
Anjali Malhotra


Rohita Kilachand
Amit Manwani - Director - Karo
Amit Manwani
Aleesha Malhotra - Director - Karo
Aleesha Malhotra
Akshat Gupt - Director - Karo
Akshat Gupt

Our Team

Brought together from different background and varied disciplines, the team members of the KARO movement share a common belief and purpose: to promote health, ensure timely diagnosis and the best possible treatment to those in need. And to do all of this with compassion, love and empathy that is otherwise challenging to find.

Deepak Malhari Lalge - General manager - Karo
Deepak Malhari LalgeGeneral manager
Sharmila Ghugre - Manager, Operations & Administration - Karo
Sharmila GhugreManager, Operations & Administration
Raju Pawar - Senior Project Officer - Karo
Raju PawarSenior Project Officer
Aparupa BoraProject Officer
Prajakta Ambare - KARO Home Supervisor - Karo
Prajakta Ambare KARO Home Supervisor
Amruta Dhalpe - KARO Home Supervisor - Karo
Amruta Dhalpe KARO Home Supervisor
Vinod Yashwant Bharti - Office Caretaker - Karo
Vinod Yashwant BhartiOffice Caretaker