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Unveiling Karo Home

In June 2019, KARO took a vital step in aiding teenage and young female cancer bravehearts in Mumbai by launching the first KARO HOME in GTB Nagar, Sion. This initiative aimed to provide a safe and supportive environment during their treatment journey, addressing the dire need for such accommodations.

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In January 2024, we opened the doors to KARO HOME KURLA, dedicated to teenage and young adult male cancer bravehearts seeking treatment in Mumbai.
Inside Karo Home
KARO remains dedicated to the well-being of young cancer bravehearts, offering not only shelter but a holistic support system that caters to their unique needs during their treatment journey. Inside KARO HOME Kurla, we offer an exclusive haven featuring 21 meticulously crafted rooms tailored to cater to the specific needs of cancer bravehearts.
Our priority is impeccable hygiene, supported by dedicated housekeeping and security services ensuring a safe and pristine environment. Equipped with a fully functional kitchen stocked with provisions, residents can savor nutritious meals. A designated recreation area fosters a sense of community and well-being through engaging activities. Our bravehearts have access to a bright and expansive terrace, offering a tranquil outdoor retreat for a breath of fresh air.