There are so many ways you can help


For a very long time, KARO has raised funds and has supported cases through personal networks of friends and family. After completing three years, in 2018, we welcomed support from individuals and companies who want to carry out their philanthropic and CSR activities in the healthcare space. Our CSR partners include well-known companies and foundations such as Tech Mahindra, Mahindra Foundation, Voltas, HT Parekh Foundation, Empire Industries, Asahi Glass, KOTAK Mahindra Bank and many more.

Make a difference


You can contribute by sponsoring an entire medical treatment, a portion of it or any amount you like that would go towards the treatment of a patient. Our KARO LIFE project perfectly embodies our mission towards our patients and will give you a comprehensive understanding to how your donation would help.


Your donation will go towards helping out of town patients with their accommodation expenses and other resources aand caring environment. Our KARO HOME project comes to life thanks to your contributions. Read more about this newest initiative to get inspired to donate to make a patient’s life better.


Your time is the biggest investment. We are constantly in search of people who can volunteer to spend time with patients, take them out on outings, day trips or to museums, interactive shows, the movies and more. From sponsoring entire events to just spending quality time with our patients, KARO’s doors are always open.


There are so many ways you can help.

From something as simple as sponsoring a meal to an underprivileged patient and their family to fully funding a patient’s medical treatment, KARO provides a bounty of ways you can contribute. What you give today will change the life of many tomorrow.


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