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Christmas with KARO

This year has been one of immense challenges. Health and safety have been on everyone’s mind, and doubly so for our bravehearts. They had to fight coronavirus head on, while also battling their existing conditions. We made it our job to arm them for both these battles, whether it was with sanitizers and face masks or doctor’s appointments and regular treatment.

Now, as the year inches towards a close, we are finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. As things slowly go back to normal, we’ve been busy raising awareness about the safety of cancer patients, ensuring hospital visits and planning our return to our office in Mumbai, come January.

This time of the year is usually a special one, with our annual KARO Christmas Party, where we get to meet and interact with our donors and well-wishers, revelling in the joy of the season.

Believe in Magic of Christmas - KARO
Help us spread some joy - KARO

Though this celebration may not be possible this time around, we want to keep the spirit of that tradition alive. Christmas is a season of merriment and joy. But more than anything, it is the season of giving. We wanted you, dear reader, to have the opportunity to give and contribute in the most unique way possible. 

In a year of uncertainty and fear, one thing has given us comfort and security- technology. When we couldn’t meet our loved ones, a video call helped us through our loneliness. When going out was no more an option, we turned to the internet and social media for entertainment and joy. Technology has helped us maintain a sense of normalcy in this difficult time.

So, this Christmas, we want to raise money towards better technology for our bravehearts. Many of our patients move away from home and into the big city for treatment. They leave behind their friends, family and schools to access quality healthcare. This money will help them get tablets and laptops through which they can stay in touch with those who cannot be physically present with them. It will help them access online classes so they don’t fall behind at school. 

Our aim? To raise Rs. 12 Lakh for this cause. And we’re already taking the first step. We at KARO are making a donation/investment of Rs. 3 Lakh exclusively for this cause. You can help us reach our goal. Donate any amount you can, every single donation counts. This year, you get to be Santa to our bravehearts. Make a donation now, help us fill up that gift bag for Christmas eve.

How much love we put into giving