“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”


What we do

We provide financial and emotional aid to patients in need suffering from cancer and other life threatening diseases in India. What’s unique about our support is that we have no cap on funding, enabling us to provide quick and prompt aid.

How we do it

At KARO, we believe in providing holistic end to end care. Our support, based on need, includes accommodation, nutritious food, counselling, rehabilitation and monetary support. We pay home visits and our social workers share their personal mobile numbers as well, ensuring that the patient and their loved ones are never left in any disarray. We also have a series of projects that cater to specific requirements of different kinds of patients.

Who we support

Our main target is to especially help children, teenagers and young adults from low income families. KARO identified that teenagers and young adults often fall through the cracks of the public health system and are placed in adult or paediatric wards that do not cater to their age group, and so we take a special interest to cater to them effectively. Today every 5th person in India is an adolescent (10-19 years old) and every 3rd person is a young adult (10-24 years old). Additionally, we believe in supporting everyone, even those with a low survival prognosis. At KARO every individual is provided for with the same sense of empathy, love and urgency, no cause too small, no person unworthy.

KARO has come a long way since its inception. In our first year we helped 140 patients and by our 5th year we are supporting 2900 patients