Karan Malhotra

1984 -2014

KARO was founded by Karan Malhotra with a vision to provide end to end support to cancer patients and their families, especially those belonging to low income groups.

During his treatment for an aggressive cancer, Ewing’s sarcoma, Karan became sensitized to the realities of the disease and the resources required for fighting it.

His 6 year-long journey included chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery both in the United States and in India. It forged in him a burning desire to work towards providing quality and holistic health care to those less fortunate.

Back home in India, he was quick to identify the shortcomings in the cancer care ecosystem the confusion families face in the maze of doctors, hospitals, and treatment options, the lack of shelter, hygiene, and nutrition among out-of- town patients; and the crippling financial expenditure that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery demand.

Karan’s vision for KARO goes beyond monetary support. He wanted to create a support structure that the poor patients and their families could lean on – for information, for decision making, for food, for shelter, for solace, for fun, and most importantly love.

Karan passed on – in 2014 but his vision and beliefs are alive in KARO’s core principles. At KARO every individual is special and is provided for with the same sense of empathy, love, and urgency, as would a family member.

No cause is too small. No person insignificant.