New Initiatives

Building upon KARO’s past to create the KARO of the future—one of our newest initiatives is KARO HOME, a unique, free accommodation project for Teenage and Young Adult (TYAs) cancer patients from out of town.

The first home is an 11-bed facility located in Mumbai, that provides a hygienic and relaxed environment for young girls and women patients in need from different parts of the country to complete their treatment efficiently and effectively. We are hopeful of launching KARO HOME KURLA, this time for teenage boys and young men. With your help our goal is to open at least ten more KARO HOMES in the near future.


Akshat Gupt

A mass media professional, Akshat is the creative current that runs Karo’s communications and content. From photographing events, making videos and spearheading the website, Akshat is the man behind it all.