KARO’s primary focus is teenage and young adults.

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The problem identified

The onset of adulthood can be one of the most definitive and challenging times in an individual’s life. It brings with it many major stressful changes. Add to this the diagnoses of cancer, and it is almost impossible for teenagers and young adults from low-income backgrounds to fight this battle on their own. They require special care and attention. And yet it has been noticed that this particular age group often gets neglected. And that is why KARO’s primary focus is teenage and young adults. At the crux of it, all patients suffering from cancer require a safe, clean and comfortable accommodation to be able to focus their energy on fighting the disease. Unfortunately this is severely lacking for adolescents coming to big cities like Mumbai from small villages and towns for their treatment. Due to this lack of resources, they are forced to live on the streets in unsanitary, unsafe and uncomfortable conditions. But not anymore.


Akshat Gupt

A mass media professional, Akshat is the creative current that runs Karo’s communications and content. From photographing events, making videos and spearheading the website, Akshat is the man behind it all.